HICE PhD Graduates

Helmholtz Zentrum München

Laarnie Müller

Ahmed Reda

Benedikt Weggler

University of Rostock

Hendryk Czech

PhD Thesis:

Primary and secondary combustion aerosols from wood stoves and marine engines


On-line analysis of organic emissions from residential wood combustion with single-photon ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry (SPI-TOFMS) 

Aerosol emissions of a ship diesel engine operated with diesel fuel or heavy fuel oil


Thermal/optical carbon analysis coupled with photoionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry: fine particulate matter from a marine engine

Christian Radischat

Christopher Rüger

PhD Thesis:
Development of characterization techniques for petroleum and combustion aerosol utilizing high resolution Fourier transform mass spectrometry

Characterisation of ship diesel primary particulate matter at the molecular level by means of ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry coupled to laser desorption ionisation—comparison of feed fuel, filter extracts and direct particle measurements

Gas Chromatography Coupled to Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry for Improvement of Data Reliability

Comparison of ship diesel primary combustion aerosol and feed fuel utilising ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry

Theo Schwemer

Benjamin Stengel

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Marco Dilger

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

Tamara Kanashova

University of Luxembourg

Sean Sapcariu



University of Eastern Finland

Stefanie Kasurinen